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Aluminum Template 2.0™

Aluminum Template 2.0™

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Aluminum Template 2.0!

This Template Jig is made for routing rail holes for 2" AND 2-1/2" aluminum posts! Hole size when routed is 7/8"H x 1"W . The Aluminum Router Template 2.0™ fits onto post and has center hole placement. Clamp required to secure to post. Adjustment from 2" to 2-1/2" posts just by turning the tabs on the back of the Template.

*This Template is designed to work specifically with the EZ HOLE ROUTER BIT. Any other bit used will void any kind of guarantee. We are not responsible for the destruction of any equipment or material due to negligence. ALWAYS inspect your bit and tooling to make sure it is secure prior to usage.

**NEVER plunge the EZ HOLE ROUTER BIT directly into the aluminum. Set the jig in the location where you want to route the hole, fasten to post using a clamp and PRE-DRILL a 3/8"-1/2" hole to insert the bit into when ready to route.


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