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"Dig Jig™"

"Dig Jig™"

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Save time and money with this tool.

The DIG JIG™ can set you apart from your

competition. The DIG JIG™ collects the dirt

from the holes as you go. Simply insert

the auger into the hole and as you dig the

dirt collects in the pan. You are left with a

clean hole every time. The DIG JIG™ can hold

many holes worth of dirt and is easy to

roll when full. When finished simply adjust

the chain and flip over to dump. As you roll

The DIG JIG™ away in an upside down

position, the dirt is leveled out. It has large

tires and a large base. No more balancing

a wheelbarrow full of dirt. The DIG JIG™ can

also be used to transport bags of concrete

and other heavy material.

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