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Post Spacing
ONE Adjuster and ONE Gate Spacer included with every 70', 110', and 140' unit. The 270' unit will include TWO Gate Spacers, and TWO adjusters.
70' equalizers do NOT include an orange reel.
The Equalizer™ is a very portable tool. It easily allows any Team Member to precisely lay out fence sections equally spaced down to a 1/2 inch tolerance. It eliminates the need for a tape measure or complicated math. Available in lengths of 70', 110', 140', and 270'*.
EQUALIZER™ is simple and quick to use.
Just start at the one end post and stretch the cord to the other end post. The tabs on the cord will give you the precise locations for the posts in between. Using the provided Gate Spacer gates can be added to fence lines in seconds. 3', 4', and 5' gate openings can be made from one Gate Spacer.
The EQUALIZER™ is a must have for any fence company that installs wood, vinyl, and chain-link fence but also works with fence installs of any kind. The cord is engineered not to go over specified centers.
*The 270' Equalizer is NOT intended to be stretched the entirety of its advertised distance in one straight line. Due to the nature of the bungee cord, stretching the unit in one line could cause inconsistent distance between tags. To ensure proper distancing between tags when stretching full distance, we recommend using this tool on projects that have a minimum 3 changes of direction, with each stretch being no further than 100'.


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