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King + X-Man

King + X-Man

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The KING + X-Man

The King+ X-Man allows one person to efficiently run rails for wood fence installation. Specifically made for King+ installation, this tool allows someone to hang, nail, and trim excess without an extra set of hands. The King + X-Man allows for rails to be set at 5.5" reveal height for pickets to accommodate King + Installation method only.

Please consider using the King+ Buddy Picket and Straightaway to efficiently and correctly run King + Standardized Installation.

*This Tool is currently priced for function and economical price points. At this time, until we design and build a new 2.0 version please expect blemishes in paint, and welding. Our intention is to get this tool to our customers to at least get started doing King + installation right away until we can design and improve a new version with a better fit and finish. Please keep in mind that this tool is less than half the cost of the original X-Man!

Always be on the lookout for new and innovative tools to accommodate the industry, as we progress with providing Tools, Hardware, and advice to our loyal fence contractors and DIYers out there. Thank you!


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