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"Mr. Fence" Post Driver Service Cradle

"Mr. Fence" Post Driver Service Cradle

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*"Mr. Fence" Post Driver Service Cradle*

If you have bought, or are buying a Gas Powered Driver (GPD), at some point you will need to service the unit. These units require some maintenance after a while. Our Mr. Fence Maintenance Team uses these cradles deigned by Mr. Fence Tools every day! These cradle units are fabricated here in house for Rhino Post Drivers, U.S. Hammer, and Titan Post Drivers. Our maintenance team relies on these cradles to disassemble the units, safely change O-rings and inspect the for wear and tear. Featuring support legs with predrilled holes to secure the cradle to a work table using screws, a magnetic base to provide some minor stabilization on metal work tables, and 2 bungee balls to secure the driver to the cradle (See pictures).

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