Extend & Protect Posts with Signature Series.™

Post damage is an out-of-site-out-of-mind occurrence that is costly to repair. Protect your investment against post-end-grain exposure, grass trimmers, and ground rot. The Signature Series™ combines the protection of Fence Armor Post Guards and Post Caps, with Postsaver Pro-Sleeves for Triple Protection that extends the life, beauty, and health of new wood fences.*

Smart In-Ground Protection.

Postsaver Pro-Sleeves are heat-shrinkable sleeves lined with a meltable, bituminous liner. When heat-applied to posts they create an air and watertight barrier at the vulnerable ground-line section of the post. This proven dual-layer barrier locks out moisture and fungi, making ground-line decay impossible, and extending the life of new posts.

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Premium, Quality Post Protection.

Fence Armor Post Guards Protect your investment while preventing
damages made by regular lawn maintenance. The two-piece design installs
in minutes and offers 365/360° protection from grass trimmers and insects.
Effective on new and existing fence posts, all Fence Armor Post Guards
come in a variety of colors, and cured for a strong, premium powder-coat
finish that lasts year after year.

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Premium Post-End-Grain Protection Post Caps.

Fence Armor Post Caps engineered with the first-ever Cap Claw™ make
protecting the top of the fence post as easy as it’s beautiful. Easily add
Decorative Finials for a sophisticated, premium-quality look, or use them
without. All Fence Armor Post Caps and Finials present a gorgeous,
premium powder-coat finish that lasts year after year.

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