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Postsaver® Post Guard Sleeves - Single

Postsaver® Post Guard Sleeves - Single

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Rot Block Post Saver Wood Post Protective Sleeve

Ground-line rot, decay, fungi, and moisture are the number one contributor to wood post failures and are found within the first 6˝ to 8” of earth surrounding in-ground posts. Post saver fence post protector sleeves provide a locked-in air & moisture barrier and rot block protection for new wooden posts before installation.   All Postsaver sleeves are 14" long.

A Postsaver® post guard is a heat-shrinkable sleeve with a thermoplastic bituminous interior liner, or otherwise known as a wood post protective sleeve. Effectively it creates a water and air-tight seal when applied to new posts at the vulnerable ground-line level, making ground-line decay impossible. Unlike liquid coatings, a Postsaver® wood post protective sleeve maintains its impenetrable post guard barrier, even as the wood post-ages, cracks, or splits. The Postsaver® post guard sleeve’s design comprises a dual-layer of protection; a non-toxic plastic outer layer and an interior bituminous layer. Each layer offers a superior level of protection for the life of the post.

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