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Hole Name - Panel Heights - Top of Post to First Hole Dimension

Introducing the "EZ-Post"!

This tool is specific to desired height of vinyl fences and can be customized to fit your brand's required dimensions.

Designed for shop and field applications this "EZ-Post" Template Frame fits 5x5 and 4x4 vinyl post you want to route in situations where you don't have a CNC router available at the time being. For example, you're at the install site and need to convert a blank post into a corner post or perhaps you don't have a CNC machine available to cut your posts for you...

Say no more! This kit gives you the ability to route your rail holes just like the EZ Hole Templates and Frames but on a post scale pre-set to your specifications. Included with your purchase of the EZ-Post, is the EZ-Post Frame with alignment tabs and 4 of the EZ-Hole Templates that correspond with that Brand and Style of fence. You will also need 6" squeeze clamps, a router, and of course the EZ-Hole Router Bit. If you need a router bit and don't already have one, just search for our "EZ-Hole Router Bit" on this very site.

The example in the pictures, is an EZ-Post Constructed to accommodate ActiveYards 1.75"x7" Home Series Vinyl Fencing set at 2" down from the top of the post with a replaceable Template at the top for your Top Rail and 3 replaceable Templates at the bottom for 4' Tall, 5' Tall, and 6' Tall applications.

This kit will only work with the specified Templates requested. I.E.: As in the pictures shown, will only fit ActiveYards 2" down from top of post Home Series Vinyl Fencing, It cannot be swapped out for different templates. If you want to change the fence style, you will need an entirely different EZ-Post specifically made for the new panel as the templates have to line up to meet specifications.

If your Fence Brand and Series is not listed, a custom EZ-Post can be manufactured for you, just select "Custom EZ-Post" option and call us to get the information we will need from you to create your EZ-Post.



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