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"Insta-Gate" Aluminum 1" Residential Rail Gate Kits

"Insta-Gate" Aluminum 1" Residential Rail Gate Kits

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We offer these kits in 2 styles:

-Section Specific Starter Kits (MAGIC-STIK not required)

-Universal 1" Residential Kits (MAGIC-STIK required for install)

The Starter Kits: Section Specific Kits complete with necessary screws. (You must provide PDF Section Drawing with Dimensions for fabrication)

The Universal 1" Residential Insta-Gate Aluminum Gate Kits are finally here! Available in 2-Rail, 3-Rail, & 4-Rail.


Complete with necessary screws.

Let's face it, prefab gates are expensive and not designed for uneven slopes or oddball sized openings...

Designed for 1" rails and 2" posts, this gate kit gives you the ability to stop buying pre-fab gates and create your own gate from an aluminum section cut to length and 2 end posts SAVING YOU $$$$!!!! This means YOU can determine the amount of "rackability" you need and the size of the gate that works for you. Sometimes you have no choice but to position a gate on a slope... Put your gate together with this kit using "The Magic-Stik" tool kit, determine the slope you need, and install the screws. Recommended using the Insta-Gate Adjustable Gate Braces for highest strength. simply install provided screws in the pre-drilled holes on the brace to achieve desired rack of the gate. Build the gates in your shop or on site. These kits will save you money and enhance the profile of your fence.

You will need the "Enlarge-A-Hole" Aluminum Template and the "EZ Hole Router Bit" if the current hole sizes in your posts are not at least 1.01"H x 1.01"W to allow the rails to pass all the way through the pre-routed rail hole from your supplier.

*"Insta-Gate" Aluminum 1" Residential Rail Gate Kits sold per kit in 2-Rail, 3-Rail, and 4-Rail applications*

Each Gate Kit consists of:

- Rail blocks for each corresponding Rail Kit.

- 1-1/2" black oxide self tapping screws for post to rail adhesion for each corresponding Rail Kit.

*Hinges and latches not included.

Installation videos soon to come.

*Position of blocks should be flush with outermost walls of the gate upright posts.

*Screws should always be installed in CENTER of post penetrating the corresponding rail and never into the plastic blocks.

*Do not overtighten screws (Using a drill with a low-torque setting is ideal. Tighten screws until they are flush with mating surface.).

*You will need 3/8" magnetic nut-driver bit to install screws.

*Send us a message or email us with any questions:


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