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King Plus Box Throne

King Plus Box Throne

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The "Throne" for King Plus

Engineered specifically for the King Plus Installation Method, this tool helps you spend less time building boxes for your King Plus Posts and more accurately.

This Jig was designed to be used on site or in a shop to mass produce Post Boxes for your King Plus wood jobs.

To use the Throne for all posts (with the exception of the gate posts), cut your 2x4s to 67" in length and slide up against stop plate on designated 2x4 tracks. Place your 72" picket on top, slide to the picket stop block, line up the edges of the picket to the 2x4 and use the marked notches on the sides to reference your nail placement to attach the picket to the 2x4s. Once Picket is secured to 2x4s, you now have a ready to install Box.

For Gate Posts, you will cut one 2x4 to 67" and one to 69". First, place the 67" 2x4 onto the track of the corresponding side up to the stop plate and the 69" of its corresponding side up to the stop plate. Place your picket on top and line up the edge to the 67" 2x4. Nail the picket ONLY to the 67" 2x4 using the marched notches on the side for reference of nail placement. Once the Picket is attached to the 67" board, slide the attached picket to the 67" 2x4 away from bump board to insert ONE of the two Pins included with the unit into the pre-drilled slot and close the pin using the clip (Only 1 pin required to assemble gate posts, we include a 2nd pin to have as a backup). Once pin is in place and secured, slide the picket attached to the 67" 2x4 back towards the stop plate until it is stopped by the pin. This creates a 2" offset to the 69" 2x4. Make sure the 69" 2x4 is against stop plate, line up the edge of the Picket (TOP will now be 2" from picket stop plate) to the 69" 2x4. Nail placement is to be directly across from the nails installed on the 67" side. Once Picket is secured to both 2x4s, you now have a ready to install Gate Post.


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