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Enlarge-A-Hole EZ-Hole Aluminum Template

Enlarge-A-Hole EZ-Hole Aluminum Template

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Introducing the "Enarge-A-Hole" Template!

This template fits over a 2" square aluminum post with pre-routed 7/8"H x 1"W (Nominal) holes. To be used with the " EZ-Hole Router Bit. If you need to make a hole larger for your rail to pass through, instead of having the rail sit on the notch, then this is your go to tool! Leaving a much cleaner edge than a notcher can provide, this tool is especially useful for making your own gates out of aluminum sections and end posts, contrary to buying pre-built gates from your supplier, thus SAVING YOU $$$ and giving you the ability to rack your gates at the desired pitch to blend in perfectly with the grade or to the fence panels.

Position the tool on the desired hole to be enlarged and slide up until the inside stopper block makes contact with the upper lip of the hole. Using a rubber padded squeeze clamp (NOT INCLUDED), secure the Template to the post ensuring the block is making contact with upper lip of hole. Taking your router outfitted with the EZ Hole router bit, route out the lower edge leaving you the perfect size for most 1"x1" rails to pass through. Once hole has been trimmed, turn the router off BEFORE pulling out of the template to avoid any damage to the template.


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