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Power Post Driver

The Patriot

The Patriot

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35% More Driving Force than The Bull!

Driver comes with:

40 mm Striker in the driver

Drive kit for 2-3/8" OD also fits I-post & L-Post

2 Milton 1/2" air fittings (Male, Female)

Spare grub screws, lock nuts & allen key

Drive cap for 2-3/8" OD, (sch20 or sch40 comparable) and fits I-Post & L-Post

Just like The Bull, The Patriot is unlike its competitors, it needs virtually no maintenance. Due to the fact there are no seals, gaskets or “O” rings inside the Driver, there is nothing to maintain. A simple, quick shot of WD-40 into the air valve below the handle (before, after & every 2-3 hours of use) will dissipate any possible moisture in the cylinder caused by the compressed air. You can run several hundred feet of 1/2" hose around to the backyard and leave the Compressor on the truck or trailer. Compressor needs at least a 38CFM, we recommend the PUMA on our site.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


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Made in the USA

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